Friday, August 29, 2014

PLC Resources

  "Professional Learning Communities" is becoming a more common phrase in today's schools, and with their promise of raising student achievement, aligning core to instruction, and clear assessment goals, why wouldn't a school want to give PLC's a look?  I am excited to see that our schools are taking this work seriously, because we believe it is what is best for our students.  

   The journey to true PLC's, however, can be tricky and a little vague, especially at first.  This is why I created the video below- to give you some resources to look at while meeting in your PLC's or to give you more background if you haven't read DuFour's Learning By Doing from Solution Tree.

Here are the links I referenced in the video:
All Things Assessment

Here's one more from Engage NY

Here's Solution Tree's YouTube page with informational videos

Please comment below if you have found other resources that help in your PLC work!

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  1. Feel free to add Denver Elementary as a site to visit!