Tuesday, September 9, 2014


TodaysMeet.com is a collaborative writing site.  Teachers can create a "room," then allow students to post text to a common board in 140 character limits.  Some nice features:

- It's Free! Plus, if you sign up, it will save your previously created rooms.
- As the "room" moderator, you can choose the web address of the room, set the length of time that the room will be open, embed or save the transcript of the conversations, and color code different writers.

Many teachers use this service to allow each of their students to ask questions, check skills, or backchannel during a lesson/ video.  I tend to use this during teacher presentations so they can ask questions during the presentation for everyone to see and respond to.

I did witness a 1st grade teacher who named her "room" after the sight word her students were working on- students used their iPads to type in the sight word to access the room, then type a sentence using the sight word.  Other students in the room would start online conversations with each other in the "room" about their sentences.  Talk about a very engaging way to teach sight words!

Feel free to comment below other ideas on using TodaysMeet.com.

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