Thursday, October 9, 2014

Creativity in the Secondary setting

       A couple of weeks ago I got to work with a group of secondary educators looking at Creativity in the Iowa Core and how we can use iPads to foster creativity in our students.  One high school teacher wanted to allow his students to use iPads to present over a historical figure.  The students were allowed to choose the app that fit their presentation, then shared their presentations publicly on the web for feedback and evaluation.  One student used an app called Shadow Puppets- her presentation is embedded below:

Another student used Educreations to talk about parts of MLK, Jr's life that inspired her.

A junior high teacher allowed her history students to present their research on explorers by either creating a Weebly website, a musical parody, or an iMovie news broadcast.

Click here for the lyrics to "All We Do is Boat" parody of "All We Do Is Win"- Awesome!

 What a fantastic way to engage our students and get them thinking critically about presentations, choosing the "right" tool or app, and collaborating to create something unique and powerful!

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