Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Mic Note Chrome App: Endless Learning Possiblities!

6th graders at North Tama elementary had a problem.  They wanted to get word out about their class store, but couldn't get the right information to the announcements at the right time, and to the right people.  Enter Mic Note: the Chrome app with endless possibilities.

Mic Note is a free Chrome app that combines a text editor with a audio recorder and editor.  Simply type up your script, including adding pictures, highlights, powerpoints, or PDF's, then hit record.  The app will record anything it hears.

After recording, you can add timestamps into your script to log the progress of the recording.  With Mic Note Pro, you have an added ability to edit your recording by flagging, deleting, and trimming selected sections.

When you have a final product, export it to Google Drive, Dropbox, or your local disk, then share as needed.  Shared versions show up as both an MP3 file and a PDF of the script.  The free version limits users to 10 minutes of total recording time.  The Pro version ($4.99) gives unlimited recording time and the ability to edit recordings.
Mic Note allows you to write out your script before, or after,
you record.  You can also "flag" parts of the recording.

 The 6th graders used Mic Note to write, record and share announcements, which were then played for the student body. Really, the possibilities here are endless-  I can see coupling this tool with QR codes to make some incredible learning or reflection logs, teachers can give directions both in written and audible form, or students can post recordings and scripts to a blog.  Students that need differentiation can record their voice first, then type up what they said later- very handy for those students who tend to think faster than they can type.

You can find the Mic Note app in the Google Chrome Store.

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