Friday, March 6, 2015

2 Ways to Show Youtube Videos without Youtube

    I'm sure you're like me, and whenever I wanted to show a Youtube video in class, I always made sure to watch the entire video before showing it to students.  You never know, after all, what might pop up in a Youtube video.
    The past few years, however, I've also had to watch out for all the "other" stuff- you know, suggested videos that Youtube embeds after your video, the videos and descriptions on the right side of the screen, and the comments at the bottom of the screen.  Some of that stuff can be downright offensive and inappropriate in a school setting.  As an educator, here's two websites that allow you to show (or download) Youtube videos in class without all the other "stuff."

1) is a website that will strip away all the comments and suggested videos and leave you with a nice, clean website with only your video playing.  It will even eliminate the end-of-video suggestions!  All you need to do is find your video in Youtube, copy the Youtube URL, and paste it into  It will generate a new link with your stripped down video. also allows you to download the video as an MP3 or MP4 file!  Here's an example of how it works:
Copy URL from Youtube
Paste URL, then click "Take me to safe view"
This is what the "Safe View" looks like!  No extra "stuff!"  Plus, you have the ability to download the video.

   View Pure is similar to copy and paste the Youtube link into View Pure, then click, "Purify."  Although you cannot download a video once it has been purified, I do like that gives you a button to add to your bookmark bar.  This button allows you to skip the step of visiting the website- simply go to the Youtube video that you want purified, then click the ViewPure button in your bookmark bar and it will take you to a purified version of the video!
Copy URL from Youtube
Paste URL and click "Purify."  Or, click and drag the small, orange "Purify"
button to your bookmark bar and purify videos directly on Youtube!

This is what a "Purified" video looks like.  No download capabilities, but no other "stuff," either.
There are a some Chrome Extensions that you can add from the Chrome Store that will do similar things to Youtube videos.  Make sure to check out some of them here.

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