Friday, April 10, 2015

Organizing Google Drive Part 2

  Teachers at GMG elementary had an opportunity to learn about ways of organizing their Google Drive this week (the NEW Google Drive, that is.  Word has it that Google will switch everyone over to the new Drive sometime this month), and I wanted to take this opportunity to post their problem-based learning reflection tasks.  Below are screencasts and videos the crew made to help them remember important features in Google Drive and how they could use those with colleagues, parents, and students.
   A major frustration for teachers using Google Drive is how to organize files that are "Shared with Me" into a folder on the drive; after all, it is NOT fun to try and search through the "Shared with Me" files for a doc that you can't remember the name of or who sent it to you.  So we learned about three really easy features: search modifiersDrag-and-drop, and Shift + Z.  Check it out!

Just a final reminder about Google Drive: you can access the keyboard shortcut screen by using Shift + ?.  

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