Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Early Literacy Interventions #2:

Resources.  We need them to be effective at what we do; we also need them to be easy and engaging for both student and teacher.  Which is why I am putting out this series of blog posts.  Every few days I am going to highlight a resource on our shared Early Literacy Interventions website to give you an idea of what's in it and how it can work.  Here's our website:

Today's post is looking at the free literacy website,  This site is loaded with free articles, lessons, and resources addressing reading skills for grades K-6. has Lessons and Units covering well-known novels, and Reading Passages to choose from.  Using their "search" function, you can narrow down the lessons/ passages to specific grade levels or for specific skills.
   One of the more advanced functions (also free) is the ability to register and save your lessons to an online binder for future reference.  Once you sign up, will also email you periodically with updates and articles dealing with reading skills, social studies/ science cross-curricular units, or article lessons dealing with National holidays. is a highly-engaging tool for finding quick small group or individualized reading passages for interventions.

I did a search for 4th grade, Cause and Effect skill passages.  The results included varied science-based articles in a range of lexiles.

Don't forget to bookmark our Reading Interventions Symbaloo page for easy reference.  If you have another website you'd like me to add, feel free to email or leave a comment below.


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