Tuesday, November 18, 2014

EasyBib Docs Add-On

     Google has made searching and citing resources extremely easy and accessible within Docs.  One of the tools students can use to cite research in multiple formats is by using the add-on called EasyBib.  EasyBib is a website that can take information from multiple source styles and format them for bibliographies.  Students can use EasyBib to cite print articles, web articles, digital images, and even movies- up to 59 different types of sources.  EasyBib can also format to MLA, Chicago, APA, and more citation styles.

     Getting the Add-on in Docs takes only a few steps.  First, create a doc, then go to the "Add-Ons," search for EasyBib, then add by clicking "+Free."  Using EasyBib is as simple as entering the name of your source in the search field in the EasyBib sidebar that pops up.  Citations can be added to the end of documents from there!

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