Monday, November 24, 2014

Read and Write for Google Extension

for Google
   Google Chrome is an incredibly powerful web browser for both teachers and students, and once you begin customizing your Chrome experience with Apps and Extensions from the Chrome Web Store, you'll find yourself never using another browser again.

     A teacher this week showed me the Read and Write for Google extension from  The extension, when added, will look at web pages and read the text on the page aloud.  Students can use this extension to highlight words and take notes, along with "Simplifying" the website into a text-only site.  Some features, however, expire after the 30 day trial.

    This particular teacher said she uses Read and Write for Google to read aloud what her students have written in Google Docs- a kind of self- editing via listening tool.  I can also see this being extremely helpful as an assistive tool for students that are struggling with texts, but need to remain independent in their reading.


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